Cyber security without complications

The protection of a company’s intellectual property and the security of customer data are good business practices, however, the cost of implementing, managing and maintaining commercial IT management, as well as security control can be a cost for any developing and future business. The best endpoint and anti-malware server solutions implemented within the enterprise must find the balance between proactive threat detection, management capability, performance, and operational cost.

Main features:

  • Low cost and high performance protection and prevention for small and medium companies
  • Detects and mitigates real world threats such as viruses, spyware, rescue and pishing attacks
  • Granular firewall with integrated HIDS to block attacks
  • Device access protection against USB-derived malware threats
  • Optimized performance and small memory loss extend the life of older systems
  • Flexible centralized onsite or cloud-based management
  • Create and enforce a consistent endpoint security policy across desktops and servers
  • Web filtering allows centralized control and granular application of website access based on predefined categories
  • Centralized application control policies block unwanted applications
  • Complex reports on applications, devices and threats
  • Enterprise asset management tracks all hardware assets of endpoints
  • Effortless migration process support, ensuring a hassle-free transition