Their mission is to help companies thrive

We are a global company committed to providing businesses with smart, secure cash handling and workforce management tools that increase their efficiency and profit. Since 2004, we have grown to serve hundreds of thousands of companies around the world.

Our customers care about accuracy, security, convenience and efficiency. They appreciate our exacting standards and our attention to detail.

How ot all started

When counterfeiting activity exploded after the 2001 introduction of the euro in Europe, it set off a spark in the minds of our founders.

They assembled a team of developers and experts to explore ways to protect business owners from this type of fraud. Three years later, Safescan entered the counterfeit detection market with sophisticated six-point banknote authentication technology. A range of complementary cash handling products followed, including money counters, cash drawers and POS safes, and in 2009, Safescan entered the time and attendance market with a line of intelligent, user-friendly time clock systems and software.

Award-Winning Innovation

We have won several international awards for our inventive products, and we continue to innovate every day, developing new counterfeit detectors, money counters and time clock systems using the latest technology and usability design insights available. We pride ourselves on creating some of the most intuitive user interfaces in the cash handling and time and attendance industries.

Comprehensive Service

Superlative products are only half our commitment to helping business owners thrive. The other half is excellent service. We have a large in-house staff of friendly, multilingual experts dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their Safescan products.

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