Riverbed SteelHead™ SaaS accelerates the delivery of SaaS applications, like Office 365 and Salesforce.com, by up to 33x. Now you can get accelerated applications and manage the delivery of business-critical data and content from the SaaS provider— without the bottlenecks of delay, protocol inefficiencies, and bandwidth restrictions of Internet or hybrid networks.

Features and benefits:

SteelHead SaaS, accelerates cloud-based services and SaaS applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce.com. It finds the fastest path from your end users to their SaaS applications.

Combined WAN and Internet optimization

  • Enables the seamless optimization of application traffic across both the private WAN and the Internet, all the way to the front door of the SaaS application provider.
  • Installs Cloud SteelHead Accelerator within the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

A simple checkbox for deployment

  • Deploys instantly and transparently with a simple license activation.
  • Starts optimization for SaaS applications with a simple check of a box — no need for remote deployment or management.

Riverbed Data, Transport and Application Streamlining

  • Data Deduplication: Reduces bandwidth utilization by up to 99%.
  • Transport Streamlining: Reduces the number of TCP packets required to transfer databy 65 to 98% and enables the acceleration of SSL-encrypted traffic.
  • Application Streamlining: Reduces application protocol chattiness up to 98%.