Riverbed destaca o sucesso do cliente S & P Global Ratings na transição para uma infra-estrutura de múltiplas nuvens com a solução de gerenciamento de experiência digital da Riverbed no grupo de usuários de rede aberta (ONUG) Primavera de 2019 Conferência


Riverbed will discuss its DEM solution, which is the only end-to-end solution that enables organizations to measure and manage the digital experience – by monitoring device-based end user experience, infrastructure, applications, and networks. Riverbed will also discuss its leading SD-WAN solution, which provides unified orchestration and connectivity across the entire distributed enterprise network with embedded security, optimization and visibility​. Through SD-WAN, Riverbed enables organizations to move faster and more securely by making distributed IT more efficient and providing greater agility and performance to deliver better customer, partner and employee experiences.

During the keynote, Riverbed customer S&P will discuss its transition to a multi-cloud infrastructure. S&P’s digital transformation from a traditional data center model to a multi-cloud infrastructure included the movement of more than 200 applications, including flagships apps that were moved to public clouds over a two-year period. S&P also established a cloud-based DevOps environment with a new level of automation, not possible in their own data center.

In order to measure the digital experience of users, S&P deployed a new end-user experience monitoring (EUEM) solution from Riverbed that was used to benchmark pre-migration performance for comparison against the new multi-cloud infrastructure. This effort was also aided by Riverbed’s application performance monitoring (APM) solution that monitors application transactions and works in conjunction with the EUEM solution. The APM solution has been a “lifeline” that isolates back-end performance issues to an application tier or a hardware deficiency.

Through a complete portfolio of digital performance solutions, Riverbed is the only company that can measure, manage and enhance digital experiences, that enable organizations to deliver better human experiences – for employees, customers, partners and citizens.


Conference Center at CityPlace Tower

2711, N Haskell Ave STE 250

Dallas, TX 75204

May 7-8, 2019


Riverbed Keynote: No Turning Back: Insights from Full Transition to Multi-Cloud Infrastructure


Date: May 8, 2019

Time: 2-2:20 pm

Location: Lakewood 1 & 2 (mainstage)

Presenter: Michael Kaehly, Deputy Chief Technology Officer at Riverbed Technology with customer David (Qing Yun) Huang, Director of IT Ops Services and Support at S&P Global Financial Services

Maximizing Digital Performance in a Hybrid Multi-cloud Infrastructure


In today’s digital world, digital transformation has become a business imperative with Cloud as a major enabler of change. Many measures of success—workforce productivity, customer satisfaction, and ease of doing business—are actually reflections of an improved human experience. It is a digital experience that depends very much on digital performance.

In digital experience management, performance is best evaluated from the perspective of end-users. Issues can be proactively identified via automated comparison of actual performance against service targets; isolating the cause of an issue goes much faster with the ability to simultaneously monitor the performance of end-user devices, networks, infrastructure, and applications. Users can then view correlated monitoring data in a unified interface to minimize uncertainties.

Riverbed’s Digital Experience Management solution offers unified, end-to-end performance management (across networks, apps, infrastructure, and end user devices) — and business-relevant insights empower organizations to proactively measure, assess, and improve digital experiences. The result: higher levels of user satisfaction and faster innovation.

Delivering excellent digital performance also requires a modern infrastructure that simplifies the way networks are designed, implemented, and administered. This is possible with centralized, policy-based management and automation. Users can easily manage complex networks and unify connectivity across WANs, the Cloud, and local networks, while improving performance with application acceleration that lessens the effects of latency and speeds data through bandwidth constraints.


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