DSSI Value Added Distributor

Company in the area of Information Technology, which is present in Portugal, Spain, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde and Brasil, providing a wide range of products and solutions to its Business Partners

DSSI represents manufacturers in the areas of:

Storage, Backup, Archive and Sharing

Solutions to centralize business applications, backups, archives and file sharing.

Monitoring, Help Desk and Collaboration

End-User Experience solutions, network and application visibility, Service Desk.


Connectivity solutions, Wan Optimization, Wifi, Switching, Balancers.

Security and Mobility

Perimeter, End-user, Server, Cloud and remote access protection solutions for Mobile Devices.


Repository Solution for Backup, Archive and Storage Repository Solution that Integrates with the most important Backup, archive and storage software.


The value of DSSI is not only the result of the vast portfolio of solutions it provides, but also of its Pre-Sales, Implementation, Post-Sales and Training Support Services.

DSSI seeks, every day, to offer its Business Partners the best IT solutions available in the market, in order to complement and improve their technological infrastructures.



Thanks to its capacity, determination and excellence in execution, DSSI aims to become one of the most influential companies in the national panorama, without ever leaving aside the personalized treatment given to each client.

The wide range of solutions offered reveals a high capacity of response to the needs of business partners and the value that the manufacturers themselves give to the name DSSI, seeing it as a company that presents indisputable results.


  • Commitment
  • High response capacity
  • Reliability
  • Determination and efficiency
  • Excellence in execution
  • Proactivity
  • Strong team spirit