SolarWinds management system software gives you instant visibility into all resources that can affect the performance of the application, with the following products:


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Server & Application Monitor

Agentless application and server performance monitoring.

  • Application Monitoring for all components – servers, virtual layer, and applications such as SQL Server®, Exchange, and Active Directory®.
  • Monitor hardware failures and server operating systems on several platforms – Windows ®, UNIX, Linux ®, and more.
  • Provides expert advice on what to monitor, why monitoring, and appropriate thresholds.
  • Includes the ability to customize the dashboard and reports that show trends, capacity and performance.
Virtualization Manager

Are you on the hunt for virtualization management software that’s powerful, affordable, and easy to use? SolarWinds award-winning virtualization management software delivers unified capacity planning, VM sprawl control, performance monitoring, configuration management, & chargeback automation across your entire VMware® and HyperV® infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive Virtualization Management – From VM to Spindle.
  • Real-time dashboards simplify Identification & troubleshooting of performance, capacity & configuration problems.
  • Identifies VM sprawl, helps you reclaim & optimize space & reduces licensing costs.
  • Integration with Server & Application Monitor provides application stack management from app to datastore.
  • All the functionality & more of other leading virtualization management tools – at a fraction of the cost.
  • Easy to download, deploy & use – start monitoring your VMs in less than an hour.
Storage Resource Monitor

With SolarWinds storage management software at your side, you can quickly and easily monitor storage performance, isolate hotspots, automate storage capacity planning, map VMs to physical storage, analyze storage usage, reclaim storage space, manage fibre channel switches, gain visibility into your multi-vendor SAN fabric, and more!

Storage Resource Monitor – Multi-Vendor Storage Performance & Capacity Management
  • Monitors storage performance & isolates hotspots in your multi-vendor SAN fabric.
  • Maps virtual machines to physical storage.
  • Automates storage capacity planning & reporting.
  • Simplifies analysis of storage usage & reclamation of storage space.
Web Performance Monitor

Easy, Affordable Website & Web Application Performance Monitoring.

  • Continuously monitor end-user experience for each step of a Web transaction.
  • Monitor any Web application whether internal (behind the firewall), external (customer-facing), or cloud-based.
  • Quickly find the root cause for each Web page performance issue: DNS look-up, connection time, send time, time to first byte, or content download time.
  • Visualize availability & duration alerts by transaction step, Web page & location.
  • Enjoy full support for Java®-based applications & rich Web technologies such as AJAX, Flash® & Silverlight®.
Application-Centric Monitor

Application and server monitoring for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Features Overview:

  • Be proactive » Monitor the performance, capacity, and health of Linux and Windows applications across data centers, remote offices, and the cloud.
  • Get deep Insight » Detailed app health and performance metrics help you pinpoint the root cause of application issues.
  • One dashboard » Monitor multi-vendor applications, servers, databases, and storage from a single, easy-to-use, customizable web interface.
  • Be the first to know » Comprehensive website monitoring tools help you find and fix web performance issues before users are affected.
  • Enterprise scalability » Scale to thousands of nodes.
Application Stack Management Bundle
A complete view of the application and its infrastructure layers
  • Quickly identify the root cause of application issues within a unified dashboard.
  • Full visibility into the performance of the environment across all layers.
  • Understand relationships and dependencies in the application stack.

What the Application Stack Management Bundle Includes?

» Server & Application Monitor
» Virtualization Manager
» Storage Manager
» Web Performance Monitor

Application Stack Management Bundle Features

  • Automated application to infrastructure relationship mapping.
  • Drill into performance details for troubleshooting in one click.
  • Solve performance problems right from the Web console.
  • Pinpoint virtualization bottlenecks.
  • Multi-vendor support for applications, servers, hypervisors, and arrays.
  • Quickly customize your view with filter and search capabilities.
  • Visibility to storage.
  • Monitor end-user experience.
Application Performance Optimization Pack

Full-stack application, database, virtualization, and server performance management

  • Get a complete view of performance, uptime, capacity, and resource utilization across the stack.
  • Monitor and optimize systems, applications, and database performance.
  • Streamline problem resolution and prevention across systems, database, and development teams.

What the Application Performance Optimization Pack Includes?

» Server & Application Monitor

Application Performance Optimization Pack Features

  • Get the visibility and insights you need inside your applications.
  • Gain in-depth performance analysis and expert advice.
  • Monitor physical, cloud, virtualized, and hybrid environments.
  • Extend your platform for deeper insights.
  • Resolve problems and identify root causes faster.
  • Configure reports and alerts to focus on what really matters.
  • Monitor and optimize infrastructure in an application contexto.
Server & Application Monitor DataSheet
Database Performance Analyzer DataSheet
Systems Management Bundle
Complete systems monitoring built on the Orion Platform
  • Application and dependency monitoring.
  • Detailed visibility from application to spindle.
  • Automatic application and infrastructure discovery.
  • Supports hybrid cloud environments.
  • PerfStack dashboard for performance correlation.
  • AppStack dashboard for application dependency.

What does the Systems Management Bundle include?

» Server & Application Monitor
» Virtualization Manager
» Storage Resource Monitor
» Web Performance Monitor