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Think you're not at risk for water damage? Think again!

When organizations think about risks to their business, the two primary issues that come to mind are cyber security and fire concerns. Many organizations take proactive steps toward against those issues with firewalls and software to enhance their cyber security, along with smoke detectors and sprinkler systems to help prevent fires.

However, many organizations neglect to consider the risk of water damage, and how quickly it can impact their company. Water damage is 10 times more likely to occur than fire damage, yet many organizations don’t put proactive monitoring or barriers in place to both warn them of a leak and to protect their critical facilities against water damage.

Many organizations rely on their commercial insurance to “protect” them against water damage. It is likely that in the event of an unexpected water leak or sudden flood an insurance policy will provide payment for damages, however there are also several exclusions that could result in little to no payment in the event that they occur. It also bears pointing out that while insurance funds may help you repair or replace damaged facilities, wouldn’t it be better if the damage never occurred in the first place? Consider the time and expense of dealing with the insurance carrier, the time that employees may not be able to work, and the potential revenue lost if your organization is shuttered for even a short amount of time.

Proactively monitor your facility to be notified in the event of a leak


Room Alert in combination with our Flood Sensors (either the Flood Sensor (Spot) or Flood Sensor w/Cable) will give your organization an immediate notification if water or any other liquid is detected in your facility. A burst pipe, leaking toilet, sewer backup, or construction accident can introduce water into your facility at the most unexpected of times. Being alerted the very moment water is detected can mean the difference between a quick and (relatively) inexpensive cleanup and shutting down for days or even weeks for remediation. A water leak in your mission-critical areas, such as a data center, server room, or warehouse can be even more costly as it can cause the irreparable loss of data and stored goods. It’s vitally important to be aware of water intrusions in those areas, as those parts of your facility may receive the least amount of foot traffic that could visually spot a potential problem.

Flash flooding is a major concern for many areas of the world, regardless of climate. Intense, heavy rains can quickly overwhelm gutters and drains, leading to water inside of your place of business. Don’t be fooled into a false sense of security if you’re not located near a river or larger body of water. Water leaks can occur to anyone, regardless of location.

Protect your investiments against water damage

Proactively monitoring your facility and environment for potential water leaks can help your organization avoid costly downtime, however if you receive an alert that water is in your data center at 2am on a Sunday, how long will it take you to react?

Receiving alerts when water is detected is infinitely more helpful than showing up to work on Monday morning to discover a pond in your facility. Actively putting water barriers in place in your sensitive areas is even more helpful, as they can keep water at bay while you are springing into action. Our Flood Protect & Control Kits are designed to stop water from encroaching on sensitive areas or equipment in your facility while you are responding to your initial water leak alerts. Flood Berms quickly absorb water and form a 2.5-inch-high barrier to keep additional water from reaching your servers, racks, electrical equipment, files and more, while Flood Barrier Mats and Flood Cleanup Mats help to absorb even more water while decreasing your cleanup times.


Pairing the Flood Protect & Control Kit with our Room Alert monitors provides organizations the alerting they need when water is detected, and the protection they require against water impacting their critical areas. While the weather report can keep you updated on potential weather-related flood concerns, that frozen pipe above your data center won’t give you any advanced notice that it’s about to cause you some massive headaches. You proactively protect your facility against fire and smoke damage, it makes perfect sense to do the same for water damage as well. Don’t rely on your insurance policy to help you recover from damages due to an unexpected leak; put steps into place now with Room Alert to greatly reduce the risk of those damages occurring in the first place.