Room Alert 3S

Room Alert 3S has the most cost-effective and smallest footprint environment monitor in the Room Alert PRO line, providing the highest security features, namely HTTPS, TLS, and SNMP v3. It monitors temperature and 2 other environmental conditions of your choice.

When conditions exceed your limits, Room Alert notifies you immediately, so you can act quickly, preventively and avoid as much damage as possible. All so that you are notified as soon as possible!

Sends notification messages to your email or to your smartphone.
Allows you to activate alert Leds and the siren sound in a Tower of Light;
For a better monitoring of alerts, simply access (compatible with other platforms).

Room Alert S3 connects to your network via Internet cable.

Use Room Alert on its own or pair it with these powerful platforms!- Room Alert Manager- SNMP or 3rd party JSON

Trigger alerts, reminders and ``all clears`` in response to the environmental limits you set

Receive alerts in the best format for si- E-mail and/or SMS- Visual/sound signal- HTTP and SNMP

View sensor readings in an easy-to-read web interface - over the Internet or your local network.

Compile, graph, and download historical sensor data to detect trends in your environment.

Room Alert power by PoE or with included 5V power adapter.