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SteelHead Interceptor gives you real-time load balancing of your SteelHead appliances. You can add, modify, or remove appliances in real time, with no disruption to operations. Cluster up to 25 SteelHead appliances to manage up to one million concurrent connections with 40 GBps of throughput.

With SteelHead Interceptor you can:

  • Manage connections based on source IP address, destination IP address, destination port, or the Virtual LAN (VLAN) routing the connection.
  • Automatically and dynamically direct traffic to SteelHead appliances with the least load (when no rules are in place).
  • Trace activity so you can see the effectiveness of load balancing and optimization activities.
  • Work with the full IP address and port transparency feature in SteelHead appliances for more visibility into network traffic.
  • Honor all Quality of Service (QoS) markings, such as DSCP and IP Precedence, on all optimized traffic.