Simplify and manage your SteelHead optimization implementations

Improve Application Performance in the Hybrid Enterprise

SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead enables you to easily leverage and control hybrid WANs for accelerated delivery, based on your business requirements, of critical applications over faster and more secure networks , as well as less critical recreational applications over the public Internet. The solution simplifies application performance , path management and ensures secure service-level delivery for business-critical applications.

SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead also provides performance monitoring with reporting metrics such as traffic levels, application throughput performance and TCP session flow characteristics – to help diagnose and correct problems.

SteelHead Interceptor appliances in an easy-to-use, browser-based management console

SteelCentral Controller lets you define application policies based on customer business requirements. It helps prioritize, secure and deliver applications over any network (MPLS and Internet) based on global and ntent-based business policies.

Provides easy configuration, monitoring, updating, troubleshooting and reporting on your SteelHead solutions, including SteelHead CX appliances and virtual or cloud instances.

Managing hybrid WAN optimization at scale

Centralized Management

Simplifies the configuration and ongoing management of a large SteelHead installation.Simplifies configuration management with flexible group features to implement consistent configurations.

Aggregated and granular reporting

Provides flexible reporting on performance improvements and provides a centralized view of all SteelHeads.

Visibility, Optimization, Control

Dynamically selects the best application-aware, according to application-based, intent-based, and network availability policies.Increases application and data transfer performance up to 100x.