Improves monitoring and troubleshooting of IT infrastructures

The health of the infrastructure supporting your critical applications is critical to application delivery. If your infrastructure fails, so do your applications. To complicate matters, the infrastructure itself is not static. It changes frequently, both in terms of configuration and topology.

IT organizations need to proactively manage and monitor the IT infrastructure to detect performance issues, map application network paths, diagram your network, and troubleshoot infrastructure problems.

NetIM infrastructure monitoring benefits

Real-time, scalable monitoring

Leverage multiple approaches (e.g., SNMP, WMI, streaming, CLI, traps, syslog, and synthetic testing) for a complete understanding of enterprise infrastructure performance.

Path Analysis

It lets you know how transactions are traversing the infrastructure and how device/interface performance affects application performance.

n Managemen

It compares configurations side by side to quickly find changes that affect performance.


Health scoring identifies which devices and locations are degraded for quick identification of the problem.