Fast, agile, secure delivery of any cloud workload to anyone, anywhere

Simplifies cloud adoption and accelerates performance for users and application developers everywhere

Riverbed Cloud Accelerator is infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that accelerates migration and improves access and reliability for any workload.

Today’s digital landscape has expanded to multi-cloud hybrid networks, as well as an almost endless array of new cloud-based applications and workloads. As a result, enterprises are addressing new concerns about the unpredictable performance of cloud workloads impacting overall business productivity.

Data takes longer to get to and from distant locations, and as a result, the performance of cloud workloads can be hampered by latency. In some cases, bandwidth may be insufficient for certain types of modern workloads. Riverbed Cloud Accelerator runs on leading IaaS platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to accelerate workload migration and access through proven data, transport, and application rationalization, ultimately increasing time-to-market, improving employee productivity, and delivering maximum cloud value to the business.

Benefits of Cloud Accelerator:
  • Accelerates performance for any workload
  • Internal data center applications, collaboration, e-mail, SharePoint
  • Line-of-Business mission-critical apps, cross-replication, disaster recovery
  • Media streaming, video streaming
  • Tiered storage, hot data on-premises, cold data moves to the public cloud
  • Web applications, e-business, Internet-facing web