Integrated network and application insight

Performance visibility can be difficult with today’s complex IT environments and applications, which often span traditional data center, SaaS and cloud IaaS environments. When companies take a traditional approach, as well as their management, they often have a fragmented and incomplete view of performance. As a result, IT spends a lot of time analyzing data, but comes to different and often contradictory conclusions about the cause of performance problems.

Riverbed® Portal integrates performance telemetry to create a centralized, dynamic view of performance. This holistic view gives IT operations teams a single source of truth to accelerate problem resolution and provide meaningful data to stakeholders across the enterprise. Ultimately, IT is able to effectively control and optimize applications, data and traffic across the hybrid network while keeping key resources focused on strategic projects.

Advantages of integrated network and application knowledge

Improved visibility and fast problem resolution

Riverbed Portal collects and analyzes data from multiple sources, including network flows, packets, device metrics, application transactions, user experience, and synthetic tests.

Full visibility, no blind spots

The complexity of today's evolving networks and application requirements means you need full visibility across your entire enterprise network, including on-premises, private, public, or hybrid in a single dashboard.

Reduces finger pointing and improves collaboration

Riverbed Portal redefines the way enterprises visualize, monitor, report, and troubleshoot application performance by combining various data into a centralized, dynamic solution.